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Positive wellbeing for a rewarding seafaring career

We know that cadets are tomorrow’s workforce and future industry leaders, so these unique events are a must for any maritime student, giving them the tools and knowledge to help manage their wellbeing as they prepare for a career at sea.

This year will see the return of our hugely popular virtual Wellness at Sea Maritime Schools' Conferences. In 2023 we are holding four virtual events for cadets at schools in North Asia, South East Asia, Africa and, for the first time, in the UK.

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Sailors’ Society has partnered with FrontM to deliver a full virtual experience to our cadets. From a lobby and auditorium to a selection of industry booths - a virtual space mimicking a physical booth at a trade show or exhibition, cadets can enjoy the full conference experience on their laptops and phones and even browse two weeks in advance. 

About the conferences

Designed especially for maritime colleges and their current students, these virtual conferences explore the all-important subject of wellbeing and mental health, helping prepare cadets for a long and fulfilling career at sea. Content is tailored to focus on key issues facing today's seafarers including diversity, working in a post-Covid world and crises such as the current war in Ukraine.

This year we have virtual conferences for cadets in North Asia on 7 August, in South East Asia on 23 September, Africa on 12 October and the UK on November 9.

The Conference sites will be open two weeks before the event to allow cadets to browse the booths and connect with sponsors.

In 2022, almost 5,000 cadets from 40 maritime colleges across the globe participated in these online events with more than 98 per cent polled 'feeling better prepared for a career at sea' as a result.

Chaired by Johan Smith, Sailors’ Society’s head of wellness and the charity’s lead on its pioneering Wellness at Sea programme, the events will feature talks from industry leaders, interactive sessions and practical advice, equipping and empowering participants with awareness and skills that will serve them throughout their seafaring lives.

Costs: Free to all students

Maritime Schools' Conferences 2023

North Asia - 7 August

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South East Asia - 23 September

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2022 Maritime Schools' Conferences +

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