6 Nov


90percent.org launches: Look around you…where does your mobile, TV, coffee come from?

6 Nov, 2017

Find out more about the 90percent campaign and enter our competition

90percent of everything we use on a daily basis comes by sea, transported by seafarers – the ‘invisible workforce’ we all rely upon.

Sailors’ Society is running a campaign to raise awareness about our dependence on the shipping industry, and the vital role seafarers play in our every day lives.

Find out some interesting facts about the journey of goods and take our seafarers challenge before entering the 90 percent competition to win some great prizes.

Enter now to be in with the chance of winning...

Enter our competition at 90percent.org

Some of the ways Sailors' Society helps:

Five facts about the shipping industry:

  • Seafarers can spend 9-12 months at sea, risking piracy, dangerous conditions and isolation
  • Sailors’ Society has a presence in 91 ports and is almost 200 years old
  • There are 1.6 million seafarers in the world
  • It's cheaper for Scottish cod to be shipped to China and back to be filleted than it is for the fish to be filleted in Scotland
  • The biggest container ship can hold more than 746 million bananas

Visit www.90percent.org to enter the competition to be in with the chance of winning some fantastic prizes!

win great prizes now!

Help us support seafarers.

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