14 Feb


Charity's real life Milk Tray man delivers Valentine's Day surprise parcel to seafarers

14 Feb, 2019

Sailors’ Society honorary port chaplain Bill McCrea ship visiting in Southampton

As lovers around the world exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, maritime charity Sailors’ Society stepped into to thank the men and women who make sure all our romantic gifts get here in time.

The Southampton-based charity’s CEO, Stuart Rivers, said, “Seafarers are responsible for transporting 90 per cent of the goods we use on a daily basis, including those that make Valentine’s Day special.

“Many of the roses we’ll give each other will come from Kenya and the cocoa that makes up our chocolates is imported from countries including Ghana.”

He added that seafarers often don’t have access to Wi-Fi or phones while at sea and are particularly happy to meet Sailors’ Society chaplains in ports at this time of year because they offer free Wi-Fi access so they can call home.

“To many people, Valentine’s Day is just another day, but to seafarers away from home for months it acts as a reminder of missing loved ones back home.

“In doing so, they sacrifice being at home for key events like anniversaries and events such as Valentine’s Day.”

Sailors’ Society honorary port chaplain Bill McCrea and seafarer Anthony Delos Santos

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