23 Feb


Pastor Joseph Chacko - a tribute

23 Feb, 2018

Sailors’ Society’s regional superintendent for India, Pastor Joseph Chacko, died alongside his wife, Leena, and Meru Kaku, a driver at the Deendayal Seafarers’ Centre in a traffic collision on 21 February in Gandhihidham.

Joseph Chacko was born on 18 January 1964. He was educated at Mount Carmel School, Gandhidham, before going onto achieve a diploma in civil engineering at Tolani Foundation Gandhidham Polytechnic in 1983.

In 1987 Joseph became a junior engineer at Kandla (now known as Deendayal) Port Trust.

He and Leena married in the May of that year, having first met as children in 1970.

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