8 Apr


Seafarers have been facing a humanitarian crisis and need your prayers, says Sailors’ Society

8 Apr, 2021

Charity invites churches to remember seafarers in Sea Sunday services

Christian maritime charity Sailors’ Society is asking churches to hold Sea Sunday services remembering seafarers, who have been suffering a humanitarian crisis sparked by the pandemic.

The charity, which is based in Southampton but works in 21 countries around the world, says the pandemic has been devastating for many seafarers, as they have continued to work away from their families to keep the world’s economy running and our supermarkets stocked.

Sailors’ Society CEO Sara Baade said: “Some 400,000 seafarers have experienced an extreme version of lockdown during the pandemic: trapped on board ships long after their contracts have ended, as Covid restrictions have prevented them from travelling home to their loved ones.

“They’ve had to continue working, without any rest days, breaks or often even the opportunity to set foot on dry land – for up to 17 months. A similar number have been unable to travel to work to make money to feed their families.

“The UN has called this situation a humanitarian crisis and as a charity we’ve seen increasing number of seafarers struggling with depression, plunged into financial crisis and even taking their own lives.”

Every year, churches around the world celebrate Sea Sunday: remembering seafarers in prayer, giving thanks for the crucial work they do and supporting them by donating to the work of Sailors’ Society.

Sea Sunday 2021 is on July 11, but churches can mark the day on any Sunday of the year.

Sara continued: “Seafarers have helped all of us cope in this difficult year. Thanks to them, our fears about running out of the essentials at the start of the pandemic were short-lived. They refilled our empty supermarket shelves and put an end to panic buying.

“Now, they need our prayers and support, which churches can give by celebrating Sea Sunday.”

For more information and resources, go to www.sailors-society.org/sea-sunday-2021

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