9 May


Tea with the Foreign Minister

9 May, 2016

Mark catches up with an old acquaintance over a cup of tea

Spoke at Spurgeon Church this morning very warm people and an inviting building which is already used for community events. It’s wired with Wi-Fi and is a seven to 10 minute walk up from the area of the port where the cruise liners’ tenders tie up.

Different nationalities represented in the congregations, among them a Filipino family. The mother talked with me, and told me that her youngest sibling was a seafarer but had been found dead in his cabin just a year ago. She felt that that the strains of life away from home had contributed to his poor health and early demise. How much God, also, weeps for those whom we seek to serve.

Jonathan Le Tocq is an old acquaintance of mine and is well known on the Island. He was chief Minister until last week, and now he is Foreign Minister. He found a break in his busy schedule today to drive over and have a cup of tea with me. Jonathan has a big heart to act to bring justice and help to those who don’t enjoy the same lifestyle privileges and protection in this world. He responded positively to our ministry in Sailors’ Society, tweeting his approval.

There seems to be a broadly-based feeling that we should be doing more in St Peter Port to equip the churches to work together with us in reaching out to merchant seafarers.

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