Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

It is good to talk, to share, to connect.

It's often helpful to talk to other people who have lots in common with you.

That's why we set up our Peer-to-Peer Support Groups for all seafarers who have been through our Wellness at Sea training.

These WhatsApp groups have proved hugely popular with seafarers globally in touch with other crews around the world, sharing joys and challenges and getting advice and thoughts from others in the same position.

With rising anxiety and desperation among seafarers affected by the crisis in Ukraine, we have also set up the bespoke groups below.

Also coming soon in 2023 - bespoke Peer-to-Peer support groups for UK Cadets and UK female seafarers.

Bespoke Groups for those affected by the Ukrainian crisis

Every day our chaplains are there for seafarers affected by the fighting in Ukraine - many are thousands of miles from families, powerless to help and distraught.

Now, to help seafarers support one another through this extraordinary time, Sailors' Society has launched three bespoke Peer-to-Peer Support Groups.

Some 14.5 per cent of the world's seafarers are Ukrainian or Russian. And up to one in five officers are Ukrainian, meaning many crews will find themselves serving under officers concerned about their country and loved ones back home.

The Support Groups allow Ukrainian and Russian seafarers to speak to other crews from their own country in their own language, while a third group is made up of seafarers from other nationalities.


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