The Sea Change Fund

Welfare and emergency grants for seafarers in crisis

We set up the Sea Change Fund as requests for welfare grants to pay for essentials in times of crisis snowballed.

Requests for our help have soared over the past couple of years. Sickness, unemployment and bereavement have left rising numbers of seafaring families, who are often from deprived areas of the world to start with, struggling to put food on the table. And then, just before Christmas, Super Typhoon Odette (Rai) struck the Philippines, one of the seafaring capitals of the world, causing almost £590 million worth of damage. At least 375 people lost their lives and many more were left without shelter when their homes were destroyed.

We launched our Sea Change Fund to help answer the calls for help, so seafarers and their families who need urgent financial assistance to pay for food, medical bills, schooling or a roof over their head can get support quickly. We had already seen welfare grant requests increase by 850 per cent since the pandemic began; following the devastation in the Philippines that figure will only rise.

Please help us to help them, the lifeblood of the shipping industry and worldwide trade. Men and women who have endured a challenging couple of years, often full of fear and uncertainty and far away from loved ones. We owe them a great debt and now, more than ever, is the time to join together to support our key workers of the sea.

We all rely of seafarers; seafarers rely on us.

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You can help seafarers and their families who need urgent financial assistance

Thank you to the Ince Group Charitable Foundation, founder funders of The Sea Change Fund

Our Work

Our work is spread across the world, wherever seafarers and their families need our support the most. We have a number of different projects and programmes ranging from education to medical that need funding to continue. Please take a look and get in touch if you can support us in any way.

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