seafarers need you urgently.

Can you help them?

Seafarers are facing a humanitarian crisis like we have never seen before.

More than 400,000 crew are trapped at sea by pandemic travel restrictions, according to the UN - some for as long as 17 months. They're exhausted and demoralised, desperate to get home to their families.

A similar number are stranded at home, unable to work. That's hundreds of thousands of seafarers who don’t know how they’re going to buy their next meal.

Even if there are jobs for them as the maritime industry reels from the pandemic, they can’t get to their ships because of lockdown.

Often, when a seafarer is unable to return to sea, our community support workers help them find alternative work on land to put food on the table.

But now, particularly in the poorest seafaring communities like the Philippines and India, coronavirus has destroyed all alternatives.

Tourism is decimated. Building work is on hold. Restaurants are closed. Cities are on lockdown.

It's the worst crisis we've seen for seafarers in our 200-year history.

We are overwhelmed with appeals for help. Since coronavirus hit, we’ve given out more than 16 times the average number of grants every month, compared to last year. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We are having to prioritise, choosing only the most desperate and disappointing many more who have no hope of work.

They have nowhere left to turn for help – except to you. Can you give today?

We all rely on seafarers – and today, more than ever, seafarers rely on us.

For many of these seafarers and their families, we’re the last port of call. We are receiving increasing numbers of referrals from other agencies of families struggling to survive. Your donations are their only hope. Please give now.

Here is one of the families that, thanks to the support of people like you, we’re helping through these desperate times:

By the time Joshua* came to us for help, he had spent all his money on hospital bills for his wife and desperately ill newborn son

His baby was born in March - just as Joshua lost his job as a waiter on a cruise ship. He doesn’t know when he’ll be able to work again.

Thanks to your donations, we can give them money to help them survive.

*Joshua’s name has been changed to protect his privacy.

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