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Our global chaplains and wider support team are available around the clock to help seafarers and their families in need.

We are stationed all over the world, so we can answer calls and messages 24 hours a day, speak in a variety of languages and support face-to-face if needed in a crisis. This team is a one-stop support system in every pocket, able to help with anything from a friendly chat when everything gets too much to applying for emergency grants or getting medical help, contactable day and night via your phone.

Seafarers are resilient but they still have one of the toughest jobs in the world. Life at sea is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding, plus they are a long way from loved ones and facing violent storms and even piracy. They can be at their most vulnerable many miles out at sea, but no matter how remote we are right there with them at the end of a call or text message.

Helpline phone number +1 938 222 8181

Instant chat with a chaplain by clicking on the blue icon in the right-hand bottom corner of this screen.

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