Cycle 1, Podcast 1: Why Wellness at Sea?
Learn how the Wellness at Sea Awareness Campaign arose in response to the global pandemic crisis and how it can help support your mental health and wellbeing. This podcast aims to give you a better understanding of the importance of keeping well and provides details on how to contact Sailors’ Society if you are ever in need of help.

Cycle 2, Podcast 2: What do I do when life spirals out of control?
In this podcast, we explore how a traumatic experience can affect us, including how it it can impact body, mind and relationships, as well as detailing the help available to get through it.

    Cycle 3, Podcast 3: Why talk about mental health?
    As a first step in talking about mental health, it’s important to accurately define what mental health and mental illness are. This podcast explores why these topics are relevant to seafarers, their families and shore staff while debunking some of the myths about mental health. It ends with a discussion on how joining a Peer Support Group can provide much needed peer assistance when things are tough.

    Cycle 4, Podcast 4: Families and life at sea

    Cycle 5, Podcasts 5-8: Physical Wellness

    Cycle 7, Podcast 9: Spiritual Wellness
    At the start of this programme, we asked the question: "How are you doing?". As you journeyed through this Wellness programme, you were constantly confronted with the question of "Who am I?". We now want to introduce a new question - one that is core to the purpose of our existence - the question "Why am I?". This is probably one of the most profound questions we as human beings must answer as we journey through life. So what's your answer?

    Spirituality is one way in which we try to answer this profound question. It is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. Broadly speaking, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. Listen to this podcast for some thoughts on spirituality.

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