Passport to the future:
Investing in cadets today

2022 Cadet Report 

Passport to the Future: Investing in Cadets Today

This pioneering in-depth report on cadets is the first of its kind. It follows the charity’s trailblazing global wellness and mental health conferences designed exclusively for cadets, which began in 2022.

Using exclusive and wide-reaching data collected during the conferences, this report provides insight into the minds of Generation Z cadets. Sponsored by Bernard Schulte Shipmanagement, it reveals intriguing regional differences between cadets in Africa and their peers in the Philippines and India and highlights the fears and motivations of the next generation of seafarers and future leaders.

This is a first step in hearing the voices of cadets, rather than listening to those who talk about cadets. 

"Someday it will be us who will inspire future cadets to be the best maritime professionals they can be."

Cadet Shaina C Moriones

Key areas covered:

• Reasons for becoming a seafarer
• Deciding factors in choosing a shipping company
• Cadet views on diversity and mental health training

cadets from 40 maritime schools across South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Angola, Ghana, Ethiopia, Liberia, Mauritius, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines took part

said their biggest fear was not getting a job when they finished their studies

said they will base their choice of shipping company on how it treats seafarers

will be the main cause of any mental health issues they face

said caring for family is their main reason for going to sea

of cadets currently surveyed had scores suggesting anxiety

"The data in this report clearly shows that the seafarers of the future face unique challenges which are often forgotten within the industry.  It reveals we must stop talking about cadets and, as an industry, engage in conversation with cadets. Only this will ensure we understand how we can best prepare the workforce of the future. "   

Johan Smith - Head of Wellness, Sailors’ Society  

“In a highly competitive market, every company vies to attract the best talent and would be a step ahead by knowing what cadets are looking for in an employer. This report can only aid us in our understanding of the needs and wants of this future generation of seafarers. BSM is immensely proud to support Sailors’ Society in this excellent initiative.”

Stewart Bankier - Head of Fleet Personnel Development & Compliance , BSM

"Delighted to see this ground-breaking Sailors' Society initiative is packed full of insight for our industry – this is impressive and gives a broad picture of how cadets are thinking and feeling. "

Capt. Kuba Szymanski - Secretary General, InterManager 

"This report shows there is hope, Millennials are forward-looking and more receptive to equality."

Mrs HK Joshi - the first woman to hold a full-time board-level role in the maritime industry


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