Gifts in wills

Leaving your legacy to seafarers.

A gift in your will could provide a future for seafarers and their families for years to come.

At Sailors’ Society, every penny we spend on helping seafarers and their families is raised through the generosity of others.

Gifts in wills make up around 10 per cent of our income. So your legacy would make a huge difference to the seafarers we support. Seafarers like Calista Chan, who is one of the beneficiaries of a Sailors’ Society-funded MaritimeONE scholarship.

“Knowing I am supported financially is a great help to my family,” says Calista, who wants to be a captain some day.

“As a female seafarer it is great to have Sailors’ Society supporting me in every way possible and it really encourages me to know that there are people who believe in me. My aspirations no longer seem farfetched and I’m not willing to give up on my dreams!”

Thanks to people like you, thousands more of the next generation of seafarers will be able to turn to Sailors’ Society when they are in need – whether that’s for their education, like Calista, or welfare support through our chaplains.

We know you’ll have a lot consider when choosing where to leave your legacy. But if the time is ever right for you to remember a charity in your will, please remember Sailors’ Society.

Your generosity will help change the future for seafarers.

How to leave a gift in your will:

It’s so easy to leave a legacy to Sailors' Society. All you need to do is contact your solicitor and provide them with:

  • Our registered charity number: 237778
  • Our address: Sailors’ Society, Seafarer House, 74 St Annes Road, Woolston, Southampton, SO19 9FF

If you would like to speak to someone at Sailors’ Society about legacies please get in touch by email at [email protected], telephone 023 8051 5950, or by post at the above address.

My father-in-law, a Commodore of a merchant vessel, was sadly killed when his ship was struck by a typhoon in the Indian Ocean in 1924. My husband was just a baby at the time. In tribute to his father, my husband was a life-long supporter of Sailors’ Society. So, when my husband died, I knew I wanted to do something for the charity. I chose to pledge to leave a gift in my will, to continue the work my husband felt was important. Sailors’ Society organised a wonderful memorial service for my husband, and they have shown me nothing but kindness, consideration and emotional support. I’ve always been happy to be a supporter for all the important work the chaplains do around the world. Sailors’ Society is a wonderful, wonderful organisation.

Mrs J D Lee

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