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Investing in a healthy, happy crew isn’t just a moral issue for shipping companies – it’s also good for business.

Human error is by far the greatest cause of accidents at sea. Fatigue, stress and poor crew mental health all contribute to crew making poor decisions that can be incredibly costly to life and the bottom line.

Through our Wellness at Sea programme, we can work with your company to provide wellness training and support for crew and management, to help them identify and prevent mental health problems on board. We offer the most comprehensive package of wellness support and training in the maritime industry – find out more here or contact our head of wellness Johan Smith ([email protected]) to discuss a tailored approach for your company.

Our helpline and crisis teams are on hand 24/7 to provide support and care to your crews. We also provide bespoke support for companies via our Ship Connect service.

Please contact us ([email protected]) and we would be more than happy to discuss potential partnership opportunities.

“We’re working with shipping companies to help them offer the best care to their employees, who are the life blood of the industry and our global economy.”

Sara Baade, CEO Sailors' Society

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