“Cadets are the lifeblood of the maritime industry. It’s their passion for a career at sea that keeps the engines running.”

Sara Baade, Sailors’ Society CEO

As part of our pioneering Wellness at Sea programme, we place a strong focus on cadets, allowing us to complete a circle of care for our seafarers from the beginning to the end of their maritime journey. Our aim is to give cadets a basic toolkit to help identify issues for themselves and their crew mates and to ensure they know where to turn for information and support should they need it.

We need to look after the next generation; understand what motivates them and what worries them. And that needs to happen from the very start of their careers and continue well beyond, to help employers retain their crews and ensure they are valued. After all, today’s cadets are tomorrow’s workforce and the industry’s future leaders.

Since 2021, more than 5,000 cadets have registered to join our virtual Wellness at Sea Maritime Schools’ Conferences with an expected 6,000 joining our 2023 events.

In January 2023, we released our ground-breaking report, 'Passport to the Future: Investing in Cadets Today'. The first report of its kind, it features exclusive and wide-reaching data collected at the 2022 conferences, to give a unique insight into the minds of Generation Z. 

Sailors’ Society will continue to lead in this field, providing the data, creating a benchmark and enabling us to tailor every solution we develop for cadets according to their specific needs.

Download 'Passport to the Future: Investing in Cadets Today' report
Discover our 2023 Wellness at Sea Maritime Schools' Conferences
Discover our 2022 Wellness at Sea Maritime Schools' Conferences

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