wellness at sea Awareness Campaign

Free wellness resources and support for families and shore staff

As a way of caring for our maritime family, for families and shore staff as well as seafarers this campaign will help you to build an awareness around the distinct aspects of who you are, what you are, how you are and what makes you, you. 

The nine self-contained modules in this campaign will deliver knowledge and guidance through podcasts, videos, self-assessment and a range of actions. They will provide you with insights while also highlighting the resources that you have at your disposal whether you are at sea, at home or in the office.

The modules will:

  • Empower you by explaining basic principles of wellbeing, nurturing every aspect of who you are
  • Explore some of the most common challenges we can face and give you the tools to navigate these in a positive way
  • Support you because we know that life can get tough at times and having someone to turn to for support can make all the difference. From the onset, it will be clear that you never need to be alone
  • Build and support community. We are connected to other people who influence us in our work and personal life. We depend on them and they depend on us

The strength is in our togetherness. We not only learn from one another and with another; we need one another. No matter what your role in the wider maritime family you are important.

For more information download the Awareness Campaign Guide here

Contact our Wellness at Sea Programme Manager Johan Smith to get your pack.
Wellness at Sea 306 295

“Seafarers are the torch bearers of our industry. When the world was in lockdown, the only movement of goods was by sea. The wellbeing of these essential workers is a top priority and with this in mind Fleet Management Ltd has chosen to partner with Sailors’ Society to provide a comprehensive wellness programme for our seafarers.”

Capt. Prashant S. Rangnekar, COO of Elegant Marine Services Pvt. Ltd, manning arm of Fleet Management

“Our partnership with Sailors’ Society plays a vital role in addressing the pressing issues and challenges our seafarers face every day and we are happy to introduce the Wellness at Sea Awareness Campaign to our clients. We believe that this programme will help empower seafarers to improve their overall health and wellbeing and help them navigate through difficult times.”

Michail Chopra, Mayfair We Care CEO:

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