Generation Z - the future of maritime

Sailors' Society 2023/24 cadet report 

Sailors’ Society is publishing its second ground-breaking Cadet Report in the spring of 2024.

Generation Z – the future of maritime' will provide a unique insight into the minds of tomorrow's workforce and our industry’s future leaders.

Harnessing data from the 2023 global Wellness at Sea Maritime Schools Conferences, which for the first time includes UK cadets, this report provides fresh insight into what motivates and worries these Gen Z seafarers and what the industry needs to do to retain and support them.

With sections on diversity and retention as well as mental health, the data reveals that alongside shared values around family, ethical treatment, social justice and inclusivity, we also see clear regional identities that are strongly linked to social and cultural differences.

This report will be invaluable for any company looking to recruit and retain seafarers as it gives unrivalled knowledge that will help shape the future of maritime for the better.

“It is clear from this report that there is a lot to learn from this younger generation.”
Andrew Roberts Executive Director, EMEA, Rightship.

“Through these cadet-focused conferences and the reports that result from them, we provide a unique window into the Gen Z seafaring world”.
Johan Smith, Head of Wellness, Sailors’ Society.

“This data highlights the need to take a nuanced approach when it comes to learning about the different challenges and perceptions of those looking to start a seafaring career”.
Heidi Heseltine, Founder, Diversity Study Group

If you would like to explore the data further or discuss the implications for your company or college, please contact [email protected]

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