Sailors’ Society Safeguarding Statement

The Trustees and Senior Directors of Sailors’ Society, recognise the importance of the support, service and ministry it provides to seafarers, and their families, across the world. They further recognise other children, young people and adults who engage with its services and many projects, both in the UK and abroad, may be in need of support or protection. Therefore, Trustees and Directors understand the responsibility to safeguard across the organisation and to uphold the key message that safeguarding is ‘everyone’s responsibility’.

We believe that every individual who accesses our services should be treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to safeguarding all adults and children coming into contact with our charity, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, racial heritage, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or identity.

We will carry out our safeguarding commitment by:

  • Following the requirements for UK legislation in relation to safeguarding children and adults at risk, and good practice recommendations. 
  • Following all appropriate international law in the countries we serve in, ensuring that we protect and uphold the rights of children and adults we come into contact with. 
  • Updating our safeguarding practice and information at national, international and local levels as required. 
  • Carrying out rigorous safer recruitment practices when employing paid staff or appointing volunteers. 
  • Supporting our Safeguarding Designated Officers in their duties, and any action they may need to take in order to protect children/adults at risk. 
  • Supporting, resourcing, training, monitoring and providing supervision to all staff or volunteers who have safeguarding responsibilities. 

We will provide a service that:

  • Recognises the personal dignity and rights of children and adults and empowers them to voice any concerns they may have.  
  • Provides a safe environment where all are valued, and their wellbeing is at the centre of all we do. 
  • Diligently works to prevent the physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and discriminatory abuse and neglect of children and adults at risk, and to report any abuse that is discovered or suspected. 

We recognize and partner with: 

  • All appropriate agencies in the country in which we operate and follow their procedures.  
  • Children’s Social Services (or local equivalent) who has lead responsibility for investigating all allegations or suspicions of abuse where there are concerns about a child.  
  • Adult Social Care (or local equivalent) who has lead responsibility for investigating all allegations or suspicions of abuse where there are concerns about an adult at risk. 
  • Law enforcement agencies such as the police, maritime agencies, port authorities and other government or regulatory agencies where an allegation suggests that a criminal offence may have been committed.

We will review this statement and our policy and procedures annually.

If you have any concerns for a child or adult who may be at risk, please speak to one of the following who have been approved as Designated Safeguarding Officers for Sailors’ Society 

The Designated Safeguarding Lead Officer, responsible for safeguarding across the charity:

Jeannie Lucking-Naguib - email [email protected]

Designated Safeguarding Officer International Lead: Barbara Kidd [email protected]

Designated Safeguarding Officer UK Lead: Wendy Druce [email protected]

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