Will you be a lifeline for survivors of accidents at sea?

Seafarers Gjusti, Mirko and Oleksandr will never forget the trauma of watching their friends die in front of them in a terrible accident this summer.

The men were cleaning the pipeline on a bulk carrier off the coast of Brazil, when they fell victim to a poisonous gas leak. They were airlifted to hospital for treatment, but it was too late for two of their colleagues.

Tragedies like this happen all too often to seafarers, with collisions, explosions, flooding and loss of control just some of the causes of deadly accidents at sea.

Survivors can be left physically and mentally traumatised, damaging their ability to work and provide for their families.

That’s why we specially train our chaplains to offer much-needed support in the aftermath of a tragedy. Our Crisis Response Network is a 24/7 support service for trauma victims and their families, offering everything from counselling and arranging medical appointments, to emergency welfare grants.

This work is only possible because of your donations.

One of our Brazilian chaplains Ailton De Souza – affectionately nicknamed “the angel” by the seafarers he helps – rushed to hospital to meet the men from the bulk carrier disaster.

He counselled and comforted them, and met their practical needs by putting them in touch with loved ones and interpreting for them in hospital.

The men were so grateful they had tears in their eyes. With Ailton by their sides, they knew they were no longer alone. He visited them regularly until they were able to return home. They sent him messages of appreciation on social media for his care.

“Thank you very much for your great job,” said Oleksandr. “Thankful to you I’m alive.”

By coming alongside seafarers like Oleksandr and his crewmates, our chaplains can give life-changing support and help reduce the long-term damage to their mental health and livelihoods.

Please give now, so that we can continue to offer this vital support.

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Seafaring is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Can you give vital care to seafarers in crisis?

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